Wednesday, September 3, 2008

rubber duckie your the one

We've been busy girls the past few days. Emmy and I have stayed at my sisters house, visited Grandpa Pete, and came to Grandma Betsy's house to stay. She's been doing really good considering all the moving around and changes she's had to adjust to, but somewhere along the way she's caught a bug. Yesterday she got sick at Pete's house and the poor dog and I wore the majority of it. This morning we were up on and off from 3 am until 6 am when we got out of bed to get some medicine and to take her temperature. She was running a low grade fever but some baby pain medicine helped her feel much better. Later in the day we put out a tub of water for her to cool off and play in. Even when she doesn't feel good she's a pretty happy and agreeable baby! Check out the pictures below!

Looking Cool

Hanging with Grandma Betsy

Rubber Duckies & Butt Cracks

So Cute

My Little Ham

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