Saturday, September 6, 2008

poor little girl

Emmy's been running a temp on and off since Sunday and I thought we were in the clear yesterday morning when she did fine with no temp all night or morning, but by the afternoon she had a temp of 103 F. After another long night of waking up every hour we headed to the doctor today and I'm very happy we did (even though it took my right arm and a few fingers from my left hand). She's got strep throat! How on earth she has something like that but is still her smiley self for the most part just boggles my mind. She's more clingy to me and is not her totally normal bubbly self, but she's not crying ever and will always smile when you try to make her laugh. I didn't want to chance her having an allergic reaction to penicillin like I do so we asked for something other than a penicillin. She's had her first dose of medicine, a baby Tylenol top up, and a bottle.... so she's feeling pretty decent right now. I'm still well at the moment so hopefully I'll stay that way.

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