Saturday, August 30, 2008

new things

The first stop of our trip is nearing it's end. Emmy's had a wonderful time getting to know her great grandparents and has learned some new skills in the 1 1/2 weeks she's been here. She's sitting unassisted most of the time. I think in about a week or two there will be no need for the safety pillows. She's also discovered how fun it is to sit in the bath and splash like crazy. She acts shocked every time her splash comes back and gets her in her face; she'll look at me as if to say "eehhhhhh why is this happening!!". In the past few days she's decided to pat my shoulder or back when I'm carrying her on my hip. I think it's her mimicking what we do to her like burping her or patting her to sleep. So maybe she thinks it's a form of endearment :) so cute! She's also a big eater now and will most days have huge lunches or dinners.

I had to stick this picture up. It's one that I haven't seen that I found on my grandpa's computer... she was about 2 weeks old there and sooooo tiny! They grow up SOO SOO fast!

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