Saturday, July 5, 2008

best pals and bad habits

Emmy's has started her first bad habit I think. The past three nights she's been pretty happy through the evening and will go to bed her normal time any where between 8-9 pm and then wake up around 10 pm screaming. There's no wined up cry; it's just a scream then open my eyes cry. So at first I thought she must be in pain and gave her teething gel and soothed her after much effort and put her back to sleep. The next night it happened again and I was in bed early myself so I popped her into bed with me and she eventually calmed down. Third time in a row was last night. She just screams. I gave her some teething gel, some pain medicine, and offered her both water and a bottle and laying in bed with me. Nothing really seemed to help so then Kim walked with her for a while and she'd have moments of being quite and then she'd remember that she was suppose to be crying so she would start again. I kept her distracted with Care Bare Movie 2005 Big Wish haha for a while. She really likes the Star in it called Twinkers. Then I offered her a bottle again and she sucked it down and fell asleep and then didn't wake up until 4 am but didn't eat so I put her back down in her bed and she fell back to sleep by herself and woke up again at 8 am and had some milk and is happy as can be. SO I really don't understand what the problem is so it might just be a pattern shes entertaining? If anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it!

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