Monday, July 7, 2008

slept through the night in full

Things seem to be back to normal for Emmy. The past two nights she's been her happy self and has slept well through the night. In fact last night was the first night she has slept all the way through without having a feed! Hurray! So I'm not sure what was up with the three nights in a row of strange behavior but I'm glad it has passed and she doesn't seem to be in any pain. I had Lia look at her gums yesterday to let me know what she thinks because I don't feel or see anything. She says her bottom gums look a little white to her so teeth may not be too far away. I got my first tooth at 5 months and I think Kim got his at 10 months so that doesn't really help us narrow it down any haha As for me I'm 6 weeks today. I've had a few moments of feeling woozy but nothing really to complain about. Last time I felt a bit off from week 6-8 so it makes this time much easier to know that it will end and it will not be that bad compared to people like my poor cousin Jennie who heaved everything for months. I'm working on uploading a new video so as soon as it's finished I'll post it up. I think I'll also try and snap some cute photo's later today so hopefully I'll have some goodies to post tonight!

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