Monday, June 2, 2008

she's got a rockers name

I stumbled upon this during my bout of insomnia last night. There is a rock band called "Emerson Rose" and there CD is called "Rockers" hahahah! It's 3 am at the moment so I can't given the music a listen but will as soon as everyone is up I will!

Here's what their website says about them "Born from influences the likes of Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, The Black Crowes, and the Faces, Emerson Rose sports fiery guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and pounding rhythms to deliver a rock sound that is indelibly “classic” but, by no means, dated."

1 comment:

  1. how funny is that. What are the chances....

    I have loved looking at your Blog you are one proud mumma as you should be.

    cheers Monique W

    from NPSA but not the Owner

    PS Im sad you have a bad experience with someone at NPSA Im also sad that you left. I would like to take this chance and maybe give NPSA another go... MOnique SH (who lives in Gawler is one of the nicest and most trusting person i have ever met I know she was really looking forward to getting to know another natiral mum in her area as there are not to many in gawler. There are not to many whee i live in Ceduna either.

    Anyway again i have enjoyed you blog and hope you will re concider NPSA