Saturday, May 31, 2008

what a big girl!

Emmy did a very big girl thing today and did her first pee pee in her own potty! Yay for her! Most of my immediate family is familiar that we have kicked around the idea of ECing at home (Elimination Communication), but I'm not totally sold on the amount of time it takes because I'd rather be reading her books or something educational during that time, but that being said I'm also not shutting the door on giving it a go when I can.

So today I went to change her diaper and I had bought her a potty from Target the other day and this little voice in my head (yes there are voices!) said to sit her on it and cue her. So I was saying "sssSSsssSSss" and she peed!! Now this is not the first time she has made a big girl pee in the pot. She's done number 1 & 2 about a week ago when we gave it a try (we took pictures of that too but it's a bit graphic for the Internet so if there are family members that want to see the hilarious pictures just let me know!). For all of you that are not in my direct circle of phone calls I'm sure you are thinking that I'm nuts... now that's still up for debate but for those of you that want to learn about ECing you can go to
Tribal Baby or Diaper Free.

Parenting for me as been a journey of UNlearning everything you thought you knew as well as learning new things. If we don't learn from our pasts then we will only have to repeat it again until we understand. I believe this thought transcends all layers of life. So far this has been some of the most purifying moments of my life and I look forward to more to come ..... enough food for thought!

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  1. I don't get it?? I am going to have to read up on this crazyness - so she peed in that thing?! WHAT?!