Tuesday, June 3, 2008

little hand reaching

Yesterday Emmy was laying on her play mat and batting at her toys like she usually does and as I was watching her I saw those little fingers go to work at trying to grab the toy...WHICH SHE DID!!! and then hold it and she did!! I was so excited! She's getting to be so much bigger everyday! We also took our first trip to the Gawler Library. Lots of fun stuff there. Once she gets a bit older and really watches TV there's tons of DVDs to rent although I'm not sure if she'll ever get through the collection of Disney Cartoons and Movies her grandma got her. It's something like 81 cartoons/movies. Don't worry though......... she won't be a potato couch kid *looks away meekly*

We thought this would make for a cute picture and show just how tiny her hands still are!

Here she has Mom & Dad's rings

And this one is just mine....she dropped Dad's ring, it was a bit heavy!

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