Sunday, June 29, 2008

lots of fun things

Kim and I hung up the last of the wall art I made when pregnant today and I'm sure Emmy will enjoy having something new to look at while she gets a diaper change!

I feel when Emmy is ready for more than milk her body will know and she'll tell me ie grabbing for our food and showing interest. Baby Led Weaning is what it's called, but to appease my grandma here are some photo's (EVIDENCE) of Emmy trying banana mixed with formula....uummmm yummy huh (this is not baby led weaning just so you don't get confused). haha Secretly I think it drives my grandmother nuts that I haven't tried Emmy on any solids yet. She didn't really like it and just spit it all out but I think first bites always go this way. It was fun to see her reaction! I think we'll give it a couple more weeks and we might try a bite of avocado. And the fun bit is Emmy will be turning 6 months shortly after we arrive back home so my mom and grandma will get to see Emmy really dig into her first finger foods!

My friend Gretchen surprised us yesterday with a package in the mail for Miss Emmy. She had made the cutest pillow with her name on the front on pink and the back is green and white. Perfect for her nursery and we love it! Thanks Sweetie!!!!

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