Friday, June 27, 2008

17 weeks

Time is flying so fast and Emmy is 17 weeks today! When do I stop counting weeks and just go by months? lol She's getting more and more vocal everyday. She squeals as loud as she can when playing with her toys, and in the morning when she wakes up she'll talk out loudly and when she catches Kim and I looking at her in the dark this big smile comes over her face and she gives us a little laugh. I think she must be thinking "mission accomplished...their awake!" She's mastered the reaching out and grabbing for toys on her play mat but hasn't surprised me with anymore rolling over. Tummy time isn't one of her favorite things to do and it will last about a solid 5 to 7 Min's and then she lets me know that she's had enough.

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  1. oh my gosh! I can't believe you are pregnant again!!!!! wow!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! wishing you all the best & hoping your first trimester is happy & healthy!