Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wear away

Look at what came in my inbox today from Babyfit:

The close contact a mom shares with her baby while wearing him stimulates the release of the mothering hormone prolactin, which enhances bonding and increases milk production.

Wear away

Babywearing can improve your baby's mood, enhance his mental development, and promote a secure attachment. But did you know that babywearing boasts benefits for you too? Here's how all that carrying pays off for you:
  • Babywearing helps you multitask. Taking care of other children or washing the dishes can be done while caring for baby.
  • Babywearing can improve your confidence. You'll quickly become an expert at learning to read those subtle cues for hunger, boredom, and tiredness. This will build your confidence about being a parent as well as your baby's confidence in you.
  • Babywearing is good exercise. Even if you're not out for a brisk walk (or if you are), the extra weight of your baby will give you a good workout.
  • Babywearing is cheap. Relative to swings and bouncy seats, soft baby carriers are very inexpensive.

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