Tuesday, April 8, 2008

some labor bag tips

I spent lots of time reading what other women found helpful when packing their labor bag so I thought I'd post what I packed. I hope this helps.

Labor Bag Must Haves

For Baby
Bottle & Proper Nipple ( I planned on breastfeeding, but brought this as a back up and I'm glad I did because Emmy would NOT latch on and the hospital disposable bottles sucked. Make sure you get BHA FREE Bottles or Glass!) (for Lilah I brought these but allowed her to Breast Crawl after birth to help with breastfeeding latch and never had to use those stupid bottles!)
Boppy (breastfeeding pillow/support)
Onsies (4)
Baby socks (4)
Sleepers (4)
Baby Wipes & Butt Cream
Receiving Blankets (3) (The hospital had plenty so this is not necessary unless you want your own)
Mittens (2) (VERY needed! Emmy came out scratching herself!)
Going Home Outfit (for pictures)
Baby Soap & Lotion
Baby Nail Clippers
Snuggle Blanket
Diapers (30) (I didn't need 30, but I only stayed 1.5 days after she was born) (Second time around I also brought the Wipes Warmer... the midwives laughed at me, but hello..... would you want something cold on your ass after nine months of warm cozy bliss?!)

For Myself
Shampoo & Conditioner
Facial Moisturizer
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Face Wash
Hair Dryer & Round Brush (I was very happy to have a nice shower and blow out my hair and feel like I didn't look like total ass, but if you feel like you don't care then don't bring them!)
Lip Balm
Nipple Cream
2 Rolls SOFT toilet paper (BOY THIS IS GOOD STUFF once you blow out your vagina!)
Hair Ties or Head Bands
Puffy & Shaver (don't worry about bringing good smelly soap because you don't want anything that might sting you. Use the baby soap, also that first shower you are asked to take once you can walk you really don't feel up to shaving under your arms but the next day you'll be glad you did!! Trust me!!)

My Clothes
PJ's (3 sets)
Birthing Top
Socks (4)
Nursing Bras (3)
Undies (8) (If I didn't have use of a washing machine in the maternity ward then 8 would have not been enough. Bring all that you got ladies!)
Going Home Outfit
Kotex (Make sure you get ones that say "DRY" and not "COTTON SOFT" you don't want to get diaper rash yourself !!)
Disposable Underwear (Depends girls... the underwear kind. Just buy them and thank me later! Got these the second time around with Lilah and never had to use one pair of panties and had no laundry to worry about! So wonderful!!)

Other Stuff
Tylenol (just so you don't have to wait on a nurse)
Birth Plan (4)
Pad of Paper (great for taking notes or anything like that!)
Baby Book for recording footprint (If in America, in Australia you must do this yourself at home.)
Metamucil (I started taking this before I went to the hospital and I never had any trouble doing the deed when I needed too.)
Ural (this is an Australian product to make your pee not sting when you have an urinary tract infection. It's good to take this so when you do pee it's nice and neutralized so it won't hurt as much)
Candies & Treats (I'm so glad I had these! I had Emmy at 7 pm didn't leave the birthing room until 11pm and wasn't going to be able to eat until breakfast the next morning. They brought me toast and it was terrible but lucky me... I had muffins and snack bars tucked away!)
Water Bottle Marked DO NOT USE ( This is to squirt on your princess as you pee so it can help keep it from burning and also keep you as fresh as possible.)
Nursing Pads (You may not use these so just bring 2 sets)
Coins for Machines (In case hubby needs more snacks!)
Plastic bag for dirty clothes
Ipod & Docking Station ( I loved having this. We had peaceful music playing when she was born and all the next day I played Enigma on low background music and Emmy really loves Enigma now!)
Video Camera
Digital Camera & Charger
Cell Phone & Charger
Extra Bag for bring home gifts
Your Own Pillow (I didn't bring mine, but for some women you may want your own if it helps you rest) (second time around I did bring my pillow.... it was good....REAL GOOD!)


  1. WOW! You really covered it ALL!! I am sure that will come in handy for many people :)

  2. This is super super awesome...i will definitely definitely use your words of wisdom for the bag when i head to the hospital! Thanks girl!!