Tuesday, April 8, 2008

pretty pretty princess

Look at these cheeks!!!! So kissable!!

I'm totally obsessed with pictures and I think these just came out soooo sweet! We were trying on the dress Auntie Sherry made for her and it's just a teenie tiny bit big still. In a week or two it'll fit perfect!

Sunday morning I was getting ready and had Emerson in her co sleeper outside of the bathroom and Kim came walking up and bent down to talk to her and she gave him a big smile. He was so happy and proud that little Emmy knows her daddy!! I love watching Kim with her. He's such an amazing father. He's very sweet and tender with her. Always talking sweetly to her and kissing her. I'm blessed to have the family I have always dreamed of and waited for!

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  1. She is so precious!! Very sweet. Love the cheeks...