Wednesday, April 16, 2008

general update & cute things

Yesterday we noticed that Emmy has really discovered that she has this thing in her mouth that she can move around like crazy and stick it out and then bring it back in and it's a tongue. It's so cute when she's doing it! I hope to catch her on video, but they always seem to stop doing the "cute thing" once the camera is on and rolling. We've also caught her drooling a few times and chewing on her fist. Could be extremely early stages of teething or more likely just some good old fist chewing haha.

Emmy was all dressed up and looking pretty for her Grandma Jan's birthday this past Saturday and wearing her cute rainbow dress! Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my check up and then Friday Emmy goes for hers. We're hoping to be referred to a doctor that has experience with babies who can't handle lactose or at the very least someone who specialized in allergies. I'll keep you posted!

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