Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slosh - Da - Boom

Click the above picture to listen to the Sloshdaboom MP3 and if you want to download it then right click the picture and select Save Link As and it'll let you download the MP3 for yourself. The whole CD was passed on to me called "Sounds for Silence" but we just put this track on repeat all night long beside our bed and behind the co sleeper. The first night we used it all night was because every time we turned it off Emmy would wake up so I thought we'd just try to leave it on and see how it goes. Well it went really well and Kim and I even slept better. I can put Emmy to bed with a full belly and drowsy and turn on the Sloshdaboom and out she goes until her feed around 3 am then we feed, burp, and swaddler her back up and lay her down and she's out again until Kim & I get up in the morning.

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