Monday, March 31, 2008

snug as a bug in a rug

Today was the first day Emmy & I were alone and on our own and it went very well! I managed to get the daily chores done and work on a few projects. My husband has installed Skype on his PC at work and has a blue tooth ear piece he wears. It's way awesome because now he can be a cyber daddy if I need him to be! Today I had the web cam pointed at her co-sleeper and was able to get a quick shower since he could see and hear her from work. We set it up that if she wakes up from her nap that he'll ring the home phone and I can get out and to her quickly. Worked great this morning and will come in real handy when I gotta hang clothes out on the line. Even better is we have a speaker outside so when the home phone rings it also rings outside so I can be any where in the backyard and hear it.

Emmy loves to be held (what baby doesn't!!) and I've always been fascinated with the idea of baby wearing.

Why Wear Your Baby? Minimize
  1. Baby cries less, learns more, grows better
  2. Easier to get work done
  3. Eliminates the need to choose between holding the baby and "having a life"
  4. Reduces postpartum depression and child abuse
  5. Easier to nurse with sling than without
  6. Mom has two free hands to play with older children, so less sibling rivalry
  7. Gives Dad bonding opportunities
  8. Keeps baby safe and out of harm's way
  9. Wear your

So I purchased the New Native Baby Sling, but have had difficulty making her comfortable in it since she's so small and can't sit up yet.

My sister in law lent me a sling wrap a friend made for her and this thing is awesome!! I looked up how to wrap it and found great instructions on this site here. I really recommend using them for babies that wanna just be cuddled all the time! As soon as I put Emmy in it she passes out and I can't wait to use it when I go shopping!!
Here's how to make one for yourself!!

Make a No-Sew Wrap Minimize
Use either medium-weight fleece or cotton knit with edges that curl up when stretched.
Start with a strip of fabric that is 60 inches wide and 5 yards (15 feet) long.

Cut into strips that are 20 inches wide and 5 yards long.
Give away two wraps. Keep one for yourself!

ALL cotton JERSEY is cotton knit.
Some cotton knit is also cotton jersey.
And both jersey and non-jersey work just fine.

Sew a Wrap Minimize
Sewing a wrap is a simple matter. The complicated part is choosing just ONE cloth to buy at the fabric store. If you figure that one out, let me know. Fabric choices for sewn wraps are the same as for no-sew wraps with one exception. Since you will be sewing (or surging) the edges, you can choose woven cloth that has unfinished selvages, fleeces that don't necessarily curl when cut, and cotton knits that don't necessarily curl when cut.

Okay, after you have chosen your cloth, you cut it to the right dimensions. Typically 20 to 35 inches wide and 4 to 5 yards long. *

Now you serge all the way around the four sides. If you don't have a serge, you can hem all the way around the four sides. Some moms have had success going to a sewing machine store and borrowing the serger for 5 minutes, maybe for free, maybe for $2- $5.

I strongly recommend against buying 2.5 yards, cutting it in half and stitching it together to make 5 yards. This is not only a pain in the toukas, it also gives you a seam to worry about -- a weight-bearing seam, no less. If you MUST do this, then be sure to use a French Seam.

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