Saturday, March 29, 2008

bigger by the day

Today was our first day as a family all on our own. We ventured out for a grocery shopping trip and it went very smoothly, except for my husband almost tipping her out of the carrier into the shopping cart. That sounds worse than it was. Emmy didn't even wake up so it couldn't have been that traumatic for her! We took back 2 boxes of diapers for the next larger size up. She was in the Huggies Newborn up to 5 kilos and we still could cram her into them, but it was getting a bit tight around her legs and belly, so now she's wearing Infant BabyLove 4 - 8 kilos and they fit sooo much better! I worked on sewing the ties onto her custom made bumper pad and it's looking great. It was designed by mom and myself and I must say it looks great! I'll post pictures when it's completed!

I talked with mom earlier today and she arrived home safely. We are both still very emotional and just need a few days to both settle back into our routines and we'll be fine. Her flight home was much better this time around and I'm very grateful for that!

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