Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Farm 2012

Look at these dirty faces!!  They had soo much fun!  I love this photo!  Grace is looking at Lilah with such a cute look on her face and down below Lilah is looking back at her!

Pumpkin Patch Kids

That is a farm face!
We were telling them to give us some good poses! hahahhahaha
Grace hoping down from the Tracker Ride!
Lilah was a little nervous so Daddy joined her!
Farmer Belinda with Farmer Emmy on the Big Red Trackers :)
This was the girl's first ride on the back of a pick up when we went out to the field.
They've done the picking and these were the leftovers.... the kids had a great time trying to find just the right ones!
The fun wasn't over yet..... now they got to ride on the fork lift and move around some skids with Farmer Michelle!
A big THANK YOU to Michelle and Belinda for making our Halloween extra special!

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