Monday, November 5, 2012

Fishing with Daddy!

YAY!!!  She hooked and reeled in her first marine fish!  Once we took the fish off and through him back we baited her back up and let her have a second try and it only took about 40 seconds and she had another big bite.  I jumped in to help so we didn't loose the Barbie Fishing Pole overboard, but CRACK!!  It snapped in half so fast! lol  We knew that it was probably gonna happen but I had hoped that she could have pulled up a few more baby fish first.  Daddy made her feel better by promising to buy her a REAL Kids Marine fishing pole in rainbow color.  Heaven help us if they don't make them in rainbow!!
Awwwe special time with Daddy while Emmy is sleeping down below :)
Now this is sexy!  If only all men could fish with a Pink Barbie Pole! lol

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