Friday, May 4, 2012

How we wish for a Kitten!!

Every time we go to the pet store to buy a fish for our tank we always hold and love on one of there little kittens. Lilah is the one that really really wants one ( along with mommy ). Emmy thinks they are super cute, but she's not as obsessed as Lilah us with asking for one. Daddy says NO!! But once we are done having babies and I have the time to take on a litter box then we'll have to get one. I expect Lilah to always be more emotional than Emmy and its obvious that she's got a stronger connection to all things living, so letting her have a furry and loving pet that is just for her will be really important I think. Especially as she gets older and goes into jr high and high school.... those are always rough years!

You can see from the photos that Lilah is very comfortable but Emmy is a little unsure about the climbing kitten and those sharp claws haha!

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