Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just another day at sea...

Here's our new 2052 Bayliner Trophy 22ft.  It was delivered on Wednesday courtesy of my in-laws.  The kids were so happy to see them that they were literally running around in circles going crazy haha.
This picture gives a good idea of it's size up against our two story house.
It didn't take long for the kids to climb up in.

Captain Emmy couldn't wait for her turn to drive the boat.  She got to sit on Daddy's lap on the way home and have a turn!
 Our water babies fishing with their Barbie poles!  Lilah has on her practice casting dummy fish and Emmy had a hook.  They didn't keep their poles in the water long enough to catch anything and after 10 min's of fishing they were ready to go home.
This beautiful Golden Trevally was pulled up by my father in law after only having his pole in the water for 3-4 minutes.  I couldn't believe it!! This fish was so big it totally makes my husbands foot look like a kids foot.  He was so big and he tasted so good :)
He gave Kingsley a really good fight.  It lasted a solid 5 minutes and he had to chase him nearly all the way around the boat before we were able to net him.  Great Job Pops!

After tons of whining and crying, Lilah finally went to sleep while Daddy was holding her and he laid her down in the lower cabin.  Because it's so hot I allowed her to take off her swim pack while she slept, so don't freak out when you see the photo's Grandma!!  To give you an idea of the size down there it had a table in the middle that was  3ft x 3ft with seating all the way around.  I made it into the "bed" right away and laid down a clean sheet (although daddy missed laying her on it) and they had their little portable DVD player.  Not a bad way to go fishing if you ask me.  Also no need for the amount of complaining we had to hear from both of them!

Whooohoooo! My first catch on the new boat and it was my FIRST SHARK ever!! I was very delighted!  We were getting close to quitting time and having to head in and I was so busy dealing with the kids that I barely had time to actually hold my rod and was thinking that I wasn't going to catch anything.  I was still trying to keep Emmy from complaining so I gave her my phone and I was posing for a picture when this bad boy took my bait.  He gave a good fight, but was by no means difficult.  I had him reeled in after about 2 min's.
 This picture shows a good representation of his color. He had a slight bronze sheen with a light underbelly.  Both Kim and I thought it was a Black Tip Reef Shark, and after using some identifying information I confirmed that it was indeed a Black Tip!
He went into one of two kill tanks, but I prefer to call them something a bit less scary like "catch tanks".  Once Kim shut the door he really went crazy and the thumping was so loud.  I was a little worried that it might upset Emmy but it didn't at all.  She's going to be a good little fishermen just like her momma was when she was little :)

 I waited to get my holding picture after he had been on ice for a while.  He was way too feisty for me to hold on the boat and I didn't want to drop him in the boat with the girls or even worse, over the side of the boat hahha.  I got a bit of sun too.  I had sunblock on, but forgot to put it on my face.....duh!

I feel a bad that I don't have a picture of Kim with his boat share.  Everything I have of him is on video and when we went fishing he didn't pull up a keeper so again no picture.  I also don't have a picture of the boat with it's canopy up or with all our gear on.  I'll try and do better next time.

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