Thursday, November 17, 2011

Party Plans

If I haven't told you yet the girl's 4th & 3rd birthday party theme this year will be PIRATES!  (actually it's Emmy's official FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Since she's a leap year baby hahahha) Anyways, Emmy's been a long time lover of Peter Pan and the Disney Channel has a new cartoon called:

Jake and the Never Land Pirates  

She really loves it so it was easy for her to pick the theme all by herself.  This year Lilah is going along with anything and everything, but next year they'll have to agree on a theme because I'm sure Lilah will have an opinion and that could be interesting! 

This is the pirate outfit that I want to order for her birthday party. I've requested a corset style belt to go with it and a loop sword holder.  Both requests are from Emmy and she's dead set on it! hahah  I'm still looking for Lilah's dress because I don't like them to be in identical outfits. I've asked the lady if she has another design that she can make for Lilah that way it's made from some of the same fabrics, I'm sure she'll be able to come up with something. only allow people to sell original hand crafted items so I'm certain it'll be of great quality too.

Originally I was going to make their outfits but it's hard for me to get material now that I'm in the country and after I put the time and money into it I would probably have wrapped up in it what it would have cost to just buy it, and I'll have a bazillion other things to do for their party.    For their big gift I have already bought  an organizing bookcase thing that holds little canvas boxes on an angle and I want to fill it with homemade felt foods and make it into a fruit and veggie stand for their playroom.  Cute huh!  So that right there will take up hours and hours of my sewing time!

If anybody has any Pirate Party Ideas please don't be afraid to share them with me! xo

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