Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Party

Emmy turns 3, and Lilah turns 2!

We started off playing a game of Pass the Parcel.

You pass the package around and around.

And when the music stops, you get to open one layer of the present and find a small treat. I used tiny bubble wands, whistles, and candy. There were a few bigger ones in there that were mini coloring books or a 4pk of crayons.

You keep playing until every child gets to unwrap a layer then you may get a second chance. When it comes down to the last layer....aka the big prize (ours was a disney princess 25pc puzzle) the music controller (which was me) turns around so it's 100% fair on who gets to win it. I let nearly a minute go by and could you believe it....birthday girl Emmy won the prize! I'd share the picture, but there wasn't one taken.

My birthday girl, Emmy Rose!

My birthday girl, Lilah Asenith!

Next we put on our party hats!

They loved playing with their mini gifts!

Pinata Time!!

She gave it her best swings!

But it didn't break open!

Now it's little sisters turn!

This picture cracks me up! The stick was as big as she was and it looks like her party hat must weight a 100 tons! hahhahaha

Not a great picture of me haha but I love all t he bubbles in it. It really shows how every few minutes we had tons of bubbles everywhere!

Mitchel broke our panda pinata open last year and he got the rainbow one open this year!

Lilah was totally in her element for "finding" candy!!

She was heading out to find me to open it for her!

How it's time to blow out our candles!

Happy Birthday Lilah!! Make a wish!

Next was Emmy's turn. Happy Birthday baby girl!

Can you guess what happened next?? Presents!

This was Emmy's favorite present of the party. She calls this her "surf board" hahha She loves to watch A Mermaid Tale by Barbie and the main character is Merlia (Lia) and she's a girl that is half mermaid and half human. She competes in surfing competitions and Emmy loves to hang ten just like Barbie!

By the end of the party you could tell Lilah was partied out! Here she's at the water jug filling up her cup!

I think Emmy is trying to get Aden to put the umbrella over both of them, haha.... I don't think he was interested!

awww what a cute smile!

This is what Cousin Markos liked the most.....the bubble machine!!

Our party is over and it was just the girls and their cousins still playing over at the playground!

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