Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Birthday Morning

Surprise!!! It's our birthday today!!!

Look at what they woke up to!! We blew up the balloons (Kim helped with a few of them) the night before the party after the kids went to bed. I hadn't planned it to be this way, but it ended up that I didn't get around to doing them until really late so I thought we might as well do something fun with them! I did have planned that they'd wake up to their presents sitting out for them to enjoy!

CLICK HERE if you don't see the video below of the kids this morning!

Lilah woke up first then Emmy, and they were so excited for Kim to be there that they didn't turn around yet and notice the surprise. We asked them what they could see and it didn't take long before they were racing out of the bed!

They kicked the balloons for a while first!

Emmy got a Barbie PC!! She had really really really wanted one of these!

She didn't waste anytime opening it up and playing it!

Emmy also got FurReal Go Go My Real Dog. Brodie really liked her!!

Lilah was a bit slower unwrapping her presents. I think I taped them too good. Sorry!!

Both of the girls really liked this! Butterfly in a Jar!! This was voted Best Toy in 2010 in Japan. I didn't know this until after I had already bought it. I stumbled upon it while I was window shopping and just had to get it for her!! Here's a video to show you how cool it is! CLICK HERE if you don't see the video below.

Lilah got a Sit-and-Spin. A classic toy that every child should have!!

This was the first thing she did with her Sit-and-Spin hahahhahaha I think it was because she was hearing me tell her it was a SIT and spin and it looked like a nice little place to have a sit hahhahaha!

After all the unwrapping Emmy was back to using her PC.

While Emmy was playing with her computer, Lilah was getting lots of Daddy cuddles!

It didn't take long until Emmy went down to get herself some Daddy luv'n too!

Look at the devilish look she's got on her face!!! She waited with a hawks eye for her moment to get up there so she could have a go. The second Emmy got up!!

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