Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Clean Out!

I rearranged the girl's snuggarie and did a big clean out since we are going to be bombarded with Christmas in a few weeks! I didn't really have too many things to get rid of, but I did put a lot of things into tubs with lids and tucked them away in the hall closet and every now and then I'll switch out the tub of ponies for the barbies or the dolls for all the kitchen stuff...ect.....

My favorite party is their dress up wall! So much fun to be had! I don't really like the rug in the room, but we have it so I use it. I might have to get rid of it though and go for one that matches the room more!

I don't know how long we'll keep the belly cast in their room or what the heck we'll do with it once we take it out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

She's playing with her microwave toy. This thing was worth every nickle. She played with it when she first got it for hours at a time.

I wish we hadn't put the initials on the wardrobe now that the girls share this space! You can see our shoe holder is full... I think I'll have to make another one to hang directly under that one. I don't know what other mom's do with all of the shoes if they don't have one of these? I do have two girls in 1 space, so it's twice as much as what one child would have, but still... it's so hard to keep it all organized.

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