Saturday, November 27, 2010

Open Wide

Emmy had her first check up at the Dentist this month! I had no idea how it would go, but there was no pressure if she didn't want to do anything. She was very happy to pop into the chair and to see all the things the tech was showing her, but when Dr. Michael came in she was very very shy and wouldn't lay down when the chair went back.

I asked her if she wanted to see mommy do it and she said yes. Once I was on there I thought might as well have her lay down on me if that helped her to feel more secure and it sure did! He didn't even have to ask her to open her mouth. He had a look and said he was going to count her teeth, which he did out loud and then we were done. She got an A+ for her check up!

She's scheduled to go back in 9 months and if she's more confident then they'll try polishing her two front teeth just to get her use to the cleaning process. Lilah was with us and it was such good exposure for her to see sissy being a big girl at the dentist office. It will really help her when it comes time for her first visit!

The tech was showing her the "barbie mirror" it's called that because it's so tiny!

Open wide.....I'll show you how it works!

Here she is just waiting for Dr. Michael.
(she kicked off her shoes like she owned the place, hahaa)

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