Sunday, October 3, 2010

BBQ with Baby Finn

Here's the rest of the cutie pie pictures I took yesterday while enjoying our BBQ! Thanks for having us over Mr. & Mrs. Morris! Great time :)

Emmy posing for me while eating her Jello!

UUmmm Yummy! Thanks Auntie Carolyn!

I was saying "Lilah smile for mommy!" But no way Jose!

Isn't this little outfit just he cutest!! It was a hand me down from Amy & Wayne and I have been waiting for warm weather to put it on her! Way too cute! Yes, that's a butterfly fake tattoo. The girls are addicted to them and I think they are cute too!

A rare picture of my hubbie smiling for the camera. When I told him to smile he wouldn't so I told him to pretend that this was his barbecue and then he smiled. I guess I have a great Christmas present idea :) ......................when I win the lottery!

This is ridiculously cute!!!!!! I love this little guy tons and tons but he's not so much in love with me right now. *tears* I made him cry several times. I'm a bit sad as I've never had a baby not like me, but hopefully it won't last for long!

Mum popped up his shades for some milk time. Again, HOW CUTE!!!

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