Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last Day of Playgroup - Dinosaur Theme

This past Friday was our last day of playgroup until next term. They pick a theme and everyone is invited to dress up and bring a treat to share. I love any reason to dress in costume so of course I was super excited for the girls :) I ran by spotlight and got some green felt and about 2 hours later I had two cute Dinosaur Costumes. I made the hats, tails, and pants. The girls each wore the only all green shirts they had. If I would have had more material I probably would have made them tops too, but I didn't want to spend anymore money on something they probably wouldn't play with all that much. That being said..... Lilah LOVES her tail and when we put it on her she'll leave it on for hours and runs all around.... I think she likes that way it feels when it bounces behind her. I was pretty close to making them pink dino's since they are girls but then I decided to go with green because this is one thing that we can pass down to a boy when we have one :) *crosses fingers*

I'm so mad at myself. I forgot to take a picture of the treat that I made. I made mom's White Fluffy Icing but used less butter than the recipe called for. Added sprinkles.... rolled them into egg shapes then rolled them in green sugar. I laid them on a bed of green easter grass and made a cute little sign that said "BEWARE...DINO EGGS" They tasted great and I was very pleased with how the texture turned out. They held their shape but also stayed soft on the inside but it didn't get a hard or crunchy outside. Basically this icing is the best icing ever! Maybe I'll share the recipe with you if I'm feeling generous hehe. about our time at playgroup. The girls were super happy to be there like always and they started out with a little bit of playdoh play but Emmy quickly moved onto painting which always ends up being finger painting hahhaha such a mess!

While I was helping Emmy do that...Abby and Lilah were at the Glue Station making a "thing".

Later on they went outside to play and hardly anyone was out there because it was so cold out, but that didn't stop them. Emmy really wanted to play in the sand box and last time I told her that she couldn't that day because she had tights on but I promised she could play the next time.... so I was forced to keep my word. They had a great time despite me freezing my butt off. After that it was clean up time, story time, then snack time. Their favorites to eat that day were the strawberries, gummy bears, crackers, sugar cookies and jello. The best part of playgroup is when it's over and they crash for a LONG nap hahhahahha They won't understand why we won't be going for the next couple of weeks, but the next time we go back they'll be very happy!

Here's a picture of the other little boy that was dressed up. I was super surprised that no other children were dressed up. Looks like great minds think alike though :)

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