Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Fun Day at the StarPlex

The StarPlex, our local gym, had a Free Family Fun Day so we packed up the kids and headed up there. It was a pretty cold day so it was really nice to have some great indoor activities! The girls to go play at the Kinder Gym, pet baby farm animals, jump in the jumping castle, meet the mascot...a giant star fish (whoever designed that costume was an idiot!! It was a giant star fish with a guy in it so all you could see of him was two legs sticking out...this means he had no arms or hands to use to catch himself if he fell or to hug children. Because he was in this giant thing he couldn't see when children got close to him so really he was a big walking hazard..... but the girls loved him and I was laughing so hard watching him try to wiggle his fin to say hello.) They also got to got to swim, do face painting, and play with some toys in the child care room. It was such a fun day and the best part of it was that it was FREE! Oh....they also got a goodie bag with toys, balloons, and candy.

Lilah loves the ball pits and slides so this was so fun for her!

Whoosh! Here comes Emmy!

Didn't take long and she was out of the ball pit and onto the trampoline.

This was one of my favorite parts. The had bunnies, lambs, chickens, goats and ducks. Emmy really liked the bunnies and Lilah seemed to love it all. She just wondered around all happy. You'll notice they are dressed the same here...which I never do because I think it's cuter when the are coordinating rather than matching.....but I thought it would be helpful to spot them amongst all other children, and it was!

Emmy's FIRST face paint! She held perfectly still and was very proud of her "make up"!

This is my true water baby!! She loves water so much and has no fear. She wants to be in it no mater how much water it is (the kitchen sink or a huge pool), she LOVES sticking her face in it and her most favorite thing is laying down in it!

Not only is she laying down here.........she's actually pushing so hard backwards that you have to fight to keep her from going under. Silly girl!!

Emmy is very caution in the pool and likes to stay right beside you, towards the end of their swimming session she was walking around in the deeper water by herself and it was a struggle to get them to come out of the pool when it came time to go home!!

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