Monday, May 17, 2010

Dora: City of Lost Toys Live Show

Kim and I got the girls tickets to the Dora: City of Lost Toys Live Show. I'm not a Dora fan at all and out of all the shows we've taken Emmy to this was the only one that made me want to shoot myself, but that being said....the kids loved it! It was almost two hours long but the tickets were double the price of usual kid shows so it was nice to get our moneys worth. We also had the lounge sets which made it sooooo comfy for Kim and I plus it made it easier for the kids to stand up or climb around without bugging other people. Overall it was a fun family night and I've never seen Emmy so excited. She totally understood what was going on when we got to the theater and she was all about it! I'm really looking forward to our next shows coming up. We have The Fairies in July and Play School in August!

She doesn't look that excited in this photo, but I had to nearly scream her name to get her attention to look at me for the picture. I think she was thinking...."what the hell lady!"

Emmy's wearing the Dora dress her Grandma Martene got her. How pretty!!

Trying to get us all to look at the camera at the same time and smile....yeah right!! Both of them were wiggling and trying to get down so we gave up.

Lilah waiting for the show to start!

This is Emmy's picture she took. She's learning quick how to aim the photo using the screen but then brings it up to her eye to click the photo hahha

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