Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kingdom of Paramithi

Here we are all ready to go!

On Saturday I took Emmy to see a live theater show of Cinderella played by the cast of The Kingdom of Paramithi. The girls watch this show a couple of times a week but I wasn't too sure how'd Emmy do in a live show. I had no need to worry though.....she LOVED it!! We have been to shows in the past and it's not the real cast that's on the shows or DVD's and I was so happy that all the real people were there. I'm sure the kids don't know half the time but it makes it better I think! If you don't know the's a short You Tube video of the opening Theme Song.

It was soo cool. We got there early and got a spot right up front and when they came out on the stage the sound was loud and it was so dramatic. I really enjoyed it myself and smiled through the whole thing. Her favorite parts were of course the singing and dancing, but she laughed at alot of the slap stick comedy too. I was cracking up laughing at her when alot of the older kids were participating in shouting and pointing to "help" the characters figure something out. She'd look around at all of them with such a frown on her face. It was a total look of WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!! hahhaha

The show lasted an hour and it was just the right amount of time. For a souvenir she got a clear cup that has flashing lights in the bottom of it that flashed all kinds of different colors. It looked super cool but when we put water into it I was amazed at how awesome it looked. This will be the favorite cup for a while I think :)

I meant to take along my pocket camera but forgot it. There was a part at the end when Prince Charming was dancing with Cinderella and all the little girls ran up to the stage and were standing on their tippy toes watching them dance. It was the cutest thing ever!! I really wish I could have had a picture of :(

Here's the The Kingdom of Paramithi website. I also found a video of the Prince Charming and Cinderella dancing together just like we saw. The only difference is there are TONS of children in the video and where we went wasn't crowded at all and that made it sooo nice.

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