Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adelaide Zoo with Grandma Jan & Grandpa Kingsley

Jan & Kingsley have made it a tradition to take each of the kids for a one on one visit to the zoo for their first time. I talked about the upcoming zoo trip with Emmy the past couple of days trying to help her understand what was going to happen. I was very happy to hear she had a good time and only one temper tantrum when she didn't want to get back into the stroller and wanted to walk. She got to see pandas, tigers, and monkeys oh my! Here are some of the cute pictures from the trip. Jan said she showed great interest in the small and tiny animals rather than the larger ones. She said that Emmy was absolutely in love with the mice. awww now who does that sound like ;) I think in a couple of years we'll have one heck of a mouse house....long haired show mice of course!

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