Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Day in Fairy Dance Class

Yesterday was the last day for fairy dancing minus the two make up days we were also doing this week. Emmy left class last time near the end crying and we couldn't figure out why. My gut tells me that she may have hurt herself somehow on her own like biting her tongue or stubbing a toe, but cause both her teacher and I didn't see anything happen to make her start crying and want to leave class. I comforted her and tried to get her to go back in, but she wasn't going to have it. That following weekend she went to a birthday party at the fairies and did dancing and crafts and had a great time. Now....we're back to yesterday. I'll tell you the rest as we go through the photo's.....

Here she is having a good time before class and watching herself in the mirror as she ran around and danced.

I'm asking her to look and smile at me, but all I got was the look at me part LOL She's holding her "fairy sticker book" and she turns it in at the beginning of every class and at the end she gets to add a new sticker to it from the teacher! It's very special to her!

Here we are at "quiet time" right before they go into the class room to fairy dance.

She went in the room...........and right on out she came!!! I gave her hugs and even bought her some Harmony & Rhapsody to bribe her to go back in since it was the last day and they would be filming the class and allowing parental participation. NO WAY SHE SAID! OH well. I wasn't too heart broken. I was ready for it to be over for a while too.

Lilah was an angel ...................for once!
I also canceled the two lessons for later this week. It's alot of work to get two babies out the door before 8:30 and a bit of a drive away and if she's not having fun at class then there's no point in taking up a spot another little girl could use as a make up day before the term ends. We'll do fairy dancing again next year when Lilah can do it too! XO

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