Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hanboks/ birthday candles/doljabi pick

Here's the girls all dressed up in their hanboks! It was so hot and we crammed this poor little things in the long hot dresses for the birthday cake and ceremony!

Happy Birthday Lilah!! Blow out the candle!


Emmy! Here's your cake! You are two years old!!! She did blow out her own candles!!

Here we go!! Doljabi time!! Pick one item, Lilah!!!

She picked the maraca!!!!

We also did a raffle to see who could guess what item Lilah would pick and the from the jar of the chosen item we then drew a winner to win some homemade chocolate mint fudge, my mothers recipe!

Doljanchi is a traditional Korean celebration of a child's first birthday. The first birthday has special meaning in Korean culture, and some people believe that the first birthday is an opportunity to pray for blessings for the child's future. A doljanchi celebration includes feasting, gifts, and a special ceremony called doljabidoljabidoljabi.

Here's the raffle tickets I made.

Here's the voting glasses we made!

She picked the maraca!!!! This means her life path according to Korean tradition will have something to do with being a musician or being musical! I guess we'll have to start young exposing her to different instruments to see which one she'll choose to play. Secretly I'm hoping it'll be the guitar or piano, but I will always support her choices!!

Riley eating a panda pop! This makes all the hours of cake making worth it all!! Look at that little face. I was told that he ate every last bit of it too!!! This little guy has a BIG sweet tooth!!!!

Hanbok Girl Image was found doing a google search for "hanbok" and belongs to Littleseouls.com thank you for letting me use your copyrighted image!

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