Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Cake

Lilah hanging out while we were doing last minute party decorating.

Panda Pops (Cake Pops) Vanilla Cake & Vanilla Icing on a stick and dipped in White Chocolate and decorated with fondant. These things tasted SO GOOD!!

Cupcake Cones - Chocolate cake with Fluffy Almond Icing
I think these turned out so cute!

This was the official cake. I used the Bake'n Fill cake pan and used Chocolate cake with Dark Chocolate Butter Cream and decorated it with fondant.

I didn't get a good picture of the Gift Boxes or Lolly Boxes (that's what Kim calls them) haha They had a picture of the girls on one side and on the other side was a cartoon Korean Girl in a hanbok. They were filled with tons of candy, stickers, small toys, and asian jelly candies...they were in take out boxes to go with our Korean theme :)

Here's the girl's pretty cake & treat table.

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