Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Party Preparing - Painting

I'm so sorry for being way behind on my blogging!! I have several birthday post to put up and I have been putting them off because I know they are going to be time consuming and I don't want to leave out any details, but I promise to get them done this week!

Here are some photo's of us painting the party window. I thought this was a bit more unique for marking the party house rather than balloons on the mailbox. We were all happy with the way it turned out!

Emmy did water color painting while I did the window. She demonstrated amazing self control and didn't paint on the window and stayed on her paper! I was very proud of her!

You know my secret now..... I don't free hand it! lol

I love it!

It could have bit a little bit bigger I think, so next time I'll have a better idea of the size I need to do!

Emmy gave Lilah a painted rock and before I knew it she had tasted it hahhaha

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