Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Goodie Box

The girls got a Birthday Goodie Box from the states the other day. Emmy had a really good time pulling things out one by one and playing with them and Lilah had a blast with the empty box haha... it didn't take much to please here this time!

Emmy got bracelets, make up and chap stick, stickers, really cute velor track suit with several velor pants, one of the little barbie girls on a horse from The Diamond Castle, hand soaps (this was one of her favorites haha) and lotions, socks, picture frames, candy, and Signing Time Complete DVD Set!!! (Includes 34 DVDs, 3 Board Books, 8 Flash Card Sets, and 12 Music CDs)

Lilah got prefolded cloth diapers, soft plastic Gerber pants, and 3 cans of puffs (her favorite!!!)

We want to give a huge thank you for the gifts. We are so excited to have the complete Signing Time set and I am really looking forward to Emmy exploding with more signing. I will have to work hard to keep up with her! haha

Let's open the present!!


I love these bracelets....I sing "jingle jingle" when I wear them.

Wow that what I think it is!?!?!

uummm this chap stick is great!

This was her favorite thing to play with all morning. She'd say "soap" and "wash hands" and pretend to use it. She'd also smell it and say "aawwww"

Watching her new signing time!! This one is all about zoo animals!

Lilah loved her card with Brodie on the front in his Pink bag!!! lol

Here's the proud birthday girl with the goods!!

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