Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Last week Emmy and I did some Valentines Day arts and crafts. We did it over several days since her attention span for projects only last around 30 - 35 mins. I had so much fun making these with her and next year Lilah will get to join in and that will be double the fun!! We sent them out to all the grandmas and we found out today that the one we sent to Great Grandma Marjorie was the first Valentine she has ever received!! How special that it came from Emmy. That makes me smile from ear to ear!! We want to wish everyone we love a very....
Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Big sloppy wet baby kisses from Lilah and cute quick pecks from Emmy.

First she did lots and lots of watercolor painting.

Then we used a kid friendly tool -- the whole punch!

Next we worked on threading skills with pretty ribbon.

She worked so hard on her valentines! Lots of love went into these!!

Here's one of them finished. This particular one is for Daddy!

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