Monday, February 8, 2010

Fairy Dancing Girl

Today was our 2nd Fairy Dancing Class. We have so much fun when we are there and it's so cute to watch them! I got some great pictures today! I still haven't got a good shot of Emmy all dressed up in her dance outfit. She can be a little disgruntle in the morning hahha and isn't in the mood for me to take her picture. I think I'm going to have to dress her up in it just to snap a few photo's.

Bethany before class. I tried to get Emmy to stand with her for a picture, but she ran off. That's a pretty pose Bethany!

The girls following their Fairy Dance Instructor. How cute is that dance room!?!?
Jade & Lilah hanging out with us mom's while their big sisters have class. They are getting so big now! Lilah is 3 weeks from being a year old and Jade is 7 months older than Lilah and 5 months younger than Emmy.

We watch the girls from the waiting room on a large flat screen TV. They show the girls in real time. This allows the instructor to have more influence over the class but all of us mommy's can still keep an eye on our cuties!

More and more dancing....

Looking cute girls!

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