Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Engagement

Saturday we went to St Francis Winery Resort to attend Kim's cousins engagement party and stayed the night. Happy Engagement Emil & Jess! The party was beautiful and we had a lot of fun! Too much fun.... we were feeling it the next day. I enjoyed planning the girls outfits and getting them all ready. I might be a little bias but I think they were absolutely stunning little beauties!!

The girls getting into the car ready for our trip!

We're all dressed and ready to party Mom!!

Say "cheese"!!

Looking pretty with Mom.

Aawwww Emmy with her Daddy!

The kids really loved playing outside in the pretty green grass!

We're only missing Jade from this picture. Maybe I can photoshop her in, LOL!

Here's my little dancing queen!

Cousins Jade & Bethany coming over to say hello to Lilah.

Abby & Lilah down by the water.

This cute little girl made friends with Emmy and took her by her hand and walked her around. Too cute!

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