Friday, January 29, 2010

Cleland Wildlife Park

Yesterday we took the girls to the Cleland Wildlife Park so Emmy could get up-close and personal with her first koala and kangaroos. I could have not asked for more behaved children for the whole day. How lucky was I!? Emmy was so interested in watching all the animals and when she got to feed them that was the icing on the cake. She had no fear of the animals and was just full of love for them. She got to see Red Kangaroos, Grey Kangaroos, Koalas, Black Swans, Tons of other types of Ducks and Birds, Dingos, and cute little rodent bunny things. Every time she saw an animal she'd point at it and tell us what it was and she was so excited. She fed them all the pellet food available at the park including the dingos haha needless to say they were not interested in it at all. Abby's new bow, William, came along with us and I think Emmy might have a crush on him. She really enjoyed being picked up high to see the animals and William was even able to catch the tiniest baby duck for Emmy to pet and feed. It followed us for a while and my favorite part of yesterday was Emmy squealing in delight "It's A BABY Duck!!!" it was sooo cute to hear!! Lilah slept in her sling nearly the whole time and missed it all. I look forward to our animal encounters to come in the future. It was so much fun!!

After a long drive we are finally here!

Emmy has made a new friend!

William holding her back... she couldn't get to the kangaroo fast enough haha

Are you hungry little buddy?

Emmy... smile for Mommy :)

Petting Peter the Koala! (Lilah's asleep and missed it all!)

Such a soft little cute guy!

This is Emmy trying to talk me into letting her go inside to see the "teddies" or koalas.

Smile Girls!

Can you count how many koala's there are?

A cute video of Emmy watching the koala's and calling them "Teddies"

Abby & William

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