Sunday, January 3, 2010

ER Trip #2

Today I had to run Lilah up to the ER. She was cranky all morning because of her teething, so her crying wasn't unusual. I scooped her up and went to go change her diaper and clothes and saw a few hive welts on her tummy and that her ears were very red on the inside. I went to go show Kim and thought we should take her up right away and I agreed. In the time it took me to change my clothes super fast, grab my purse and get her a water bottle she had double the amount of redness and welts. By the time we got to the ER which is just a 2 min drive from here it had doubled again. Her poor little ears where completely red and double their size; also her face was swelling and she stopped looking like herself. This is when I started to get scared and freaked out. I couldn't believe how fast it was happening. They took us back straight away and started asking questions. She had breast milk, banana, teething gel and pain medicine that morning. They figured something must have bitten her. I gave Kim a call to update him and he mentioned that he had given her a bite of Emmy's egg. I had forgotten all about it. She had a bite of Emmy's egg before that as well. Egg is a known allergen and is not recommend to children under 1. The doctor told us that the next time she has a reaction it will more than likely be worse and happen faster since this reaction was so bad. We'll have to carry some allergy medicine with us at all times in case she has an reaction. He also stressed that we should stay away from nuts with her until at least age two. In the reading I've done today I have not come across any correlation between egg and nut allergy, but I don't want to see her have a reaction like this again so we'll be staying away from them! They gave her an oral steroid which started to work pretty soon after and I was so happy to see the welts starting to go away. Next they gave her some non-drowsy antihistamene and two hours after we had got to the hospital they let us go home to monitor her there. By the 4 hour mark most of her swelling was gone and once she woke up from her nap another 2 hours later she looked 100% normal. Poor little girl! Can you believe it. No Milk. No Egg. I sure hope we don't find out No Nuts!

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