Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 Months Old

She's weighing in at a tiny 8.2 kg or 17 lbs 10 oz! Lilah is a super fast crawler now and is always on the move trying to follow me around the house. She also loves to crawl over to Emmy when she's laying down watching TV or drinking her milk and she'll try and get on top of her haha. Emmy usually gets annoyed with her and tells her "no! get down" but she doesn't listen lol! She also tries to bear crawl as Abby calls it. She'll stand up on both feet while her hands are on the floor and she'll try to walk/crawl that way. So far she can only take one step, but it won't be long before she'll be doing it with ease.

She can also pull herself up whenever she wants to a standing position and I've also seen her hold on to the couch and turn her self around, so not really holding on to side step, but stepping in circles. She loves to say dad and even yelled it when Kim came home last night and started crawling as fast as she could to the back door. Yay cute!!

She's been teething alot lately and two popped through at once the last week of December. First was her 3rd tooth on her bottom right. Strange that she got a third bottom tooth before her two top teeth. I'm not sure how common/uncommon that is. A few days later her top left tooth made it's appearance. She still doesn't handle pain well so it's been kinda rough on everyone involved.

She's also starting to try and get back behind the chair to my house plant. Emmy finally pays it no attention and here we go with round 2!! Hopefully she won't be as head strong as Emmy was about digging in it. When she is doing something she shouldn't be I'll correct her by saying "AH AH AH" and she'll look at me with a blank look and then about 15 seconds in she'll start to get a frown... then a pucker...followed by a full blown cry. It just breaks her heart. She's so sensitive. There is not one tough bone in her body.

She is still a huge Mommy's girl, but she really loves her daddy too. She's difficult to babysit still for Grandma or her Aunties but for her Dad she's a very good girl now. I can tell how happy and proud this makes him :) She's also still breastfeeding and some days I think she's starting to loose interest in her day time feeds and other days it's the only thing she wants for food. Her night feeds will definitely not be stopping anytime soon but I would like her to drop down to just one during the night rather than the 2-4 she has (they are usually not big ones when she's leaning towards the 4 a night.... it's more of a comfort and settling thing for her). She's has a really bad and painful habit of scratching and clawing me on the back of my arm or side while she's feeding and it's driving me crazy. I have taken her off the boob and told her "no" and that it hurts mommy, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on her other than making her upset. On the bright side she didn't bite me while she was teething this time around. I was pretty worried about that, but she obviously knows that it a no no and doesn't do it anymore! Yay for me!!

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