Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kinder Gym - our wednesday mornings

Here's some pictures from Kinder Gym. I didn't get anything really good, but still wanted to post them to give you all an idea of our Wednesday mornings. It's free play for an hour and Emmy goes from one end of this place to the other like a chimpanzee. She's climbing on everything or jumping off of something. On our way home she's always ready for milk and then passes out for a long nap. Yay! haha On this particular day it was their Christmas party so children were asked to wear something 'special' and to bring a treat. We brought fairy bread circles, cucumber sandwiches, and vegemite circles.

playing with the jingle bells

give you sister a hug please :)

this shows about a quarter of the room

Hey Lilah, what are you doing?

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