Monday, December 7, 2009

Heathgate Family BBQ 2009

Yesterday was Kim's Family Christmas Picnic for his company at the Tusmore Park. The girls had a great time. Emmy played shy at first and would put her arm up to cover her face, but warmed up after a few minutes. She must think Kim and I are boring because she will invite herself into other adult groups. She does this to me at Kinder Gym too. She'll walk right up to a couple of mom's talking and she'll sit down right in the middle of them and start talking to them or smiling at them. Such a ham!

Kim did most of the running after her and playing with her at the slide while I looked after Lilah. We played on the blankets and grazed on some goodies I brought for them to eat.

All babies seem to love their dad's beer!

Emmy was near where Santa was going to sit when he come walking down the lane. I was telling Emmy "look! look! here comes Santa!" Once she spotted him she had a look of terror come across her face and then she turned around and ran towards me as fast as she could. So funny! She didn't even want to watch him while he was calling names to hand out presents for each of the children.

Running from Santa!

Lilah's name got called first out of the two and I thought for sure she'd cry, but all she did was whimper and look at me and then at him.
Once he gave her a present she was pretty satisfied with that, but had no idea what to do with it.

Click the picture to view larger!

Next was Emmy. Kim had to chase after her and drag her over and he plopped her down on his lap. She surprised me with not crying one bit, but she had the biggest frown on her face and she wouldn't look at him, lol!

Emmy got right to business unwrapping the presents. She ripped into hers first then started in on Lilah's. Emmy got a mermaid Dora that floats and swims in the bath tub or pool and Lilah got a soft baby doll. We didn't need another soft doll or stuffed animal so I exchanged it at Toys R Us for a more suitable toy for them. We got the Ice Cream Shop play doh center. So fun!!

Emmy really liked her Dora doll until she started looking around to see what the other children got and then she started to whine and complain that the older girls had Disney Barbies. It was so sad... she was pointed at them and looking back at me saying "barrrbiieeee".

For the rest of the day she did whatever she could to get to the other girl's Disney Princess dolls with matching horses and would throw a huge fit when we'd tell her to leave them alone. We tried to show her Dora but she was so mad that she refused to look at her and would turn her whole body away from it, haha. A few times she tried to sneak off with the other girls' dolls, and was so sad when she got caught. She did manage to get lucky and one mom let her play with the Cinderella until her daughter saw and wanted them back. How do you explain to a 21 month old that she has to be happy with what she got? I guess that comes with time!

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