Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Fairies Show

Here's the pictures from The Fairies show and a short video of the girls waiting for the show to start. We had mom's new camera on the wrong settings and did not get good photo's, boo! The show was so fun and Emmy really enjoyed it. I loved it when she got up and danced along with them, but most of the time she was happy to sit in my lap or mom's and watch the show. I bought her several items and one of them ended up being stolen. I couldn't believe it... someone had the nerve to steal from a child! I went back up to the merchandise booth and they were kind enough to replace her item free of charge. I also want to say how super pleased I was with the prices of the stuff. It's nice to go to something where you don't have to spend an arm and leg to get your kid a few fun things! Thanks Fairies!!

It's the fairies!!

Grandma & Emmy

One of the cutest fairies there.... but I may be bias! haha

This was our other cutie pie fairy!


We were the first ones in line! Yay!

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