Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We got giggles!

I got Lilah to give me real giggles today! She loves to be whooshed up into the air and brought down for kisses. What baby doesn't?! I kept trying to get her into a roaring laugh but we'd peak at a high squeal haha.

Emmy is full on teething. She cut her bottom left first molar on Monday and the right side is super puffy and swollen. It won't be more than a day or two and it'll be through the skin too. Needless to say this will be the excuse for her naughty behavior. She's also saying a new word almost daily or a word much more clearer. Her clearest words are Daddy, Cookie, Eat, Water, Bye Bye, No, Dog, Shoes, Hot, Bubbles, Bird.. and I'm probably missing a few. Words not so clear are Up, Lilah, Book, Hat, and Banana, she says "nana". Oh and Clock which is odd since all the other words she knows the signs for. She picked up Kim's watch one day and brought it to me and I told her "that's a watch; a clock" and she said "clock" but try and get her to say Mom...... no way! Just once in a great while do I hear a "mom".

I've been wanting to dress them up and try getting some super cute photo's of them together this week but so far it's been too darn cold to attempt it. As soon as we get a warmer day we'll have to play camera time.

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