Monday, July 6, 2009

Body Function Sympathy

I picked up Emmy a book about being a big girl and using the potty the other day and it has a flush button that makes a flush sound. Super cute right?

Well she likes her book and last night when we were reading it to her and got to the part where it says "sometimes you'll have accidents and that's okay" we said "uh oh she made a pee pee on the floor" and there was a picture of a little girl looking upset and looking at her pee. It must have been a very convincing picture because it really stressed Emmy out and made her cry. Trying not to laugh we told her it was okay and finished the book and then turned it back to that page to see if that was truly what she was crying about and she burst into tears AGAIN. I totally don't understand why this upsets her so. She's never been punished or made to feel bad for peeing on the floor. All I can think is that the little girls face is so sad and she must have sympathy for her.

This morning she brought me her potty book to read and we sat down and sure enough we got to the accident page and here come the tears. Too funny!

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