Monday, June 29, 2009

Princess Wishes

Princess Wishes was pretty awesome! Emmy really took it all in and was amazed at all that was going on. She sat on her dad's lap the whole time and I held Lilah. She did get distracted by other children and would be watching what they were eating or doing, but I'd say "WOW" and she'd turn back around to see what she was missing.

First out was Tinker Bell so that was special for her. When I told her "the fairies are coming" and that got her attention and the lights went out and they announced the show was starting...

Poor little Lilah didn't like the noise. It was very loud. I felt really sorry for her, but I was able to get her to sleep by rocking her against me with one eat on my chest and covering the other ear with my hand. So she slept through nearly the entire show and I was grateful for that. I'd hate for her to be scared the whole time!

Considering the show was during Emmy's nap time she did SUPER WELL, but there was a melt down to come. We went out to lunch and she had her first FULL ON TEMPER TANTRUM in public! There was dropping to the floor, flailing arms and legs, screams and shrieks. How embarrassing! At first we tried to make her stop and that didn't work, so then we ignored it but that didn't work. I then took her outside to cool down but she fell and screamed harder. Once she felt okay she wanted to go back in and I hoped that she'd be good.......I was so wrong. Same bad attitude! We knew she had had a huge day, no nap, and was hungry, so we had some excuses for her, but next time I'm not sure what we'll do. Lets hope it doesn't happen again! lol

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