Saturday, June 27, 2009

Officially Four Months Old

This is my Kate Gosling hair do.... what do you think??

4 Months old and she's getting so rolly polly now. In just the past two days I've noticed that she will reach out with intention and succeed at grasping her hanging toys firmly and smile.

Lilah loves to watch Emmy and it's so cute..... Emmy will come up to her and do a little rocking dance back and forth and smile and kiss her face.

So far she's still a finger sucker and I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. We know when she's tired and ready for a nap because she'll get fussy and try to get to her hands.

The car rides have become more peaceful for her (at least day time car rides) I think this is because she's old enough now to self sooth with her fingers and she can focus on seeing things. Plus she hates to be on her back when she's tired and now she can get those fingers in her mouth and deal with it better. We've moved her up to Emmy's old car seat and I added some extra padding to it and you wouldn't believe how soft and comfy it is. Who wouldn't want to ride around that way! lol

She's really loving her baths now and will kick around and wiggle which is such a difference from when she was born. Boy did she hate those baths!! During the day if I'm cold and Emmy's cranky I'll put us all in the bath together and play. Emmy wants so bad for Lilah to play with her so in the next few months as she learns to sit up I can see bath time becoming a huge part of the play day. Plus... we're three Pisces....... do you think you could keep us out of the bath? OOoOOoO I dream of a huge garden tub! It's on my honey do list! But we're off track here...this is about Lilah being 4 months old!

Happy, healthy, and what more can I say. I love her oodles!

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